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i told my mom they edited it and she was all ‘i’m sure they had good reason’

and i didn’t know why they did it until now. 

what assholes. 

Ummm, no. Fuck you, NBC. You don’t get to tailor an opening ceremony. It is that country’s turn to showcase themselves. If someone cut out a 9/11 tribute for a pointless interview with one of their own athletes it would probably be portrayed as a deplorable, deeply offensive insult to the American people or some bullshit like that. I’m obviously still angry about this.

Also, could you be more patronising? 

“It’s a credit to Danny Boyle that it required so little editing.”

Are you kidding me? What? Because no other country could possibly do it correctly?

“We only had to fix it a little bit. Your effort was only a little bit not good enough for us. Thanks for your incredibly expensive and elaborate performance representing thousands of hours of work and the essence of your culture; it was almost acceptable as it was!”

^ This.